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During centuries now capitalism sustained and expanded a human world based on monetary fraud, systemic disadvantages, and failed democracies, which massively squandered the Earth's material resources and irreversibly destroyed countless ecosystems. By the aforesaid means, capitalism severely conditioned the future of humankind on Earth and engendered a factually plutocratic world order. This book aims to replace capitalism by building a more advanced civilization.

Asynchronous Exchange: The End of Capitalism remodels basic concepts of human thinking, describes a mature commercial-exchange behavior, and proposes a reform for democracy.

For achieving the aforesaid purpose, the reader will become acquainted with the differences in psychological brain functions which produce different cognitive and behavioral outcomes, and will understand how those cognitive and behavioral outcomes impact his or her life. Hence, here explained the fundamental aspects of human choice-making processes. With such knowledge becomes evident that the capitalistic market theories stand founded in magical thinking. The capitalistic doctrine thereby shown clearly faulty and fully obsolete.

Thus, the regime of Asynchronous Exchange herein proposed—

  • Eliminates the need of eternal growth used by capitalism to perpetuate its fraud, which caused so much destruction to the Earth and its ecosystems.
  • Eliminates oligarchic, oligopolistic, and monopolistic positions which so far only served to subvert any actual democracy.
  • Includes a new regime of ownership of productive organizations which eliminates an ages-old tradition of authoritarianism.
  • Protects innovators and pioneers from becoming prey of the capitalistic criminals, and forces everyone to thrive by its own, honest labor.

For all those who want to move forward and build a better world, this book brings enlightenment and offers concrete, realistic solutions.

Table Of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Concepts
    • Basic Dynamics of Living Organisms
    • The Independent Variable
    • The Trajectory of Humankind
    • Natural Selection, Depredation, and Simultaneous Collaboration Within and Among Human Groups
    • The Last 200 Years
    • Human Cooperative Systems
  3. The Fracture of the Homo Sapiens: Brain Development
    • Linguistic Correction
    • General Model of the Human Brain
    • Description of Each Mapped Function
    • Executive Functions
    • A Primeval Inchoate Mechanism to Build Relationships
    • A Metaphysical World
    • Brain Split: A Disjoined Discrepant Evolved Kludge
    • Methodological Propensities
    • The Hard-Core Crust Around the Self
    • Rogue Individuals
    • A Fully Parasitic Psychopathic Subspecies
  4. Capitalism: A Plutocratic World-Wide Institutionalized Fraud
    • How the Fraud Started
    • A Nurturing Cradle for Criminals
    • Stealing from Hard-Working People
    • The Modern Criminal Scheme of Capitalism
    • Alternative Courses of Action
    • The Alliance of the Plutocratic Criminals with Parasitic Factions
    • The Failure of the Capitalistic Market Theories
    • Summary
  5. Fundamental Concepts of Commerce
    • Synchronous Exchange
    • Asynchronous Exchange
  6. Asynchronous Exchange in the Context of a State
    • The Conclusion of the Exchange Cycle
    • Savings
    • Destroying Circuits of Unproductive Transference of Money
    • Regime of Domain Over Assets
    • Lease of Assets
    • Allocating Tools of Exchange to Subsidiary Cooperative Systems
    • Trade with Foreign Cooperative Systems
    • The Procurement, Basic Preparation, and Distribution of Natural Resources
    • The Construction, Operation, and Maintenance of Infrastructure
    • Circulation of Wasted Materials
    • The Organic Growth
    • Limits on the Concentration of Income
    • Supplementary Note: The Automation of Labor
  7. A Reform for Democracy
    • Authoritarian Misconceptions
    • Societal Cooperative Systems and the State-Organization
    • Why Democracy
    • The Essence of Democracy
    • Ditching the Concept of Government
    • Honest Competent Civilized Individuals
    • The Failure of the Representative Democracy at the Beginning of the XXI Century
    • Direct Democracy
    • Keeping a Nation Safe and Functioning
    • The End of the Kindergarten
    • A Place for Everyone
  8. Appendix 1. D'Hondt Method
  9. Appendix 2. Cryptocurrencies: A Lesson Not Learned
Product Details
Publisher: Anders Baerbock (September 5, 2022)
Length: 342 pages
Format: Hardcover with Dust Cover
ISBN: 978-0-578-28264-0
Manufacturing: Printed On Demand, Always Available
Publisher: Anders Baerbock (August 5, 2023)
Length: 342 pages
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 979-8-218-00554-2
Manufacturing: Printed On Demand, Always Available
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Anders Baerbock

The author is a normal human who happens to understand a little more than the average person.

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Asynchronous Exchange
The End of Capitalism
By Anders Baerbock
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