Privacy Policy

Effective April 8, 2024.

Data Collected

This website does not collect any personally-identifiable data. However, the web server may temporarily retain logs regarding your web browser queries. Additionally, the website may collect statistical data about the devices utilized to visit the website and about user behavior.

Data Collected from Third Parties

This website may receive data from third parties regarding the user behavior that preceded the visit to the website. This data stands subject to the relevant third party's own separate privacy and data collection policies. The website does not exercise any control or input on how your data gets handled by third parties. For asking any questions about such data you should contact the relevant third party for further information.


This website utilizes cookies —small text files containing alphanumeric strings which remain stored in your web browser— in order to collect non–personally-identifiable data regarding user behavior. No third-party cookies get utilized. You can instruct your web browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when it sends a cookie.

Purpose of Collecting Data

The collection of data serves solely the following purposes:

  1. Measure the technical performance of the website.
  2. Improve the user experience and the marketing of the product offered.

Data Retention

All data related to specific events does not remain stored more than six months. Only aggregated statistical data may remain stored indefinitely.

Information Sharing and Confidentiality

No data gets disclosed to any third party for any propose whatsoever; except those cases required to comply with a legal obligation, such as lawful judicial requests. All data gets stored in Switzerland protected according to swiss laws.