Anders Baerbock
2020.03.16 — 2020.03.30
Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Version 1.1 2021.05.29 — Corrections.


THESE NOTES WERE SUPPOSED TO BE PRIVATE, BUT SOME RUSSIAN STOLE AND SPREAD THEM WITHIN THE SAINT PETERSBURG HIVE. Therefore, now they go public, if these bastards so interested in my personal records, let's make the playground flat. Absolutely no need to steal, but go explain them, they don't know respect, those psychopaths. Before reading this document refer to the notes of Bob Altemeyer, «The Authoritarians», from the year 2006.

I arrived to Russia with the intention of joining the country. The russian ants supported by the local oligarchy made the before unthinkable: they positioned themselves as the worst group of humankind, in my personal opinion. They did it mainly by a harassing campaign through the streets of Saint Petersburg. These people left that bar very low.

Get clear that I do not hold «pro-western» views, and I do not hold any affiliation nor compromise with anyone. If anything, I arrived with a positive bias towards Russia, before crashing with reality. My opinions about Russia and the russian ants, result due to the actions of the russians. Normal people in Russia results quite scarce, but still exists. Russian ants: If you want to blame someone, blame yourselves.

So here goes what happened with the russians, specifically with the russian ants, russian oligarchs, and the institutions they infected. Those people as organized group cannot constitute allies nor friends nor partners of any kind, must not receive any confidence (they will certainly betray) nor help (they do not understand such concept), and overall need some external limit by force (at very minimum strong deterrents), they do not understand the concept of «rules» nor civilized human interaction, only understand force. As understood in these times, the best pacific strategy consists in isolating them, the not pacific strategy consists in total war, and in middle stands the winner strategy: to finish them by pieces. So it really depends on the circumstances, I do not have any relationship with these people, just will take care of my personal interests, and those go against idiotic authoritarians messing in the road.

Helping the russians and attempting to become russian yielded as result:

Arrived to Russia after exiting Mexico, the territory where I was born. Yet, the russian state allied with the mexican oligarchs, specifically with Ricardo Salinas Pliego, who acted as chief from the oligarchy. The original plan of the russian state never consisted in organizing a revolution in Mexico (as will get understood in these notes), but just to get a puppet and make business. Thus, their plan consisted in covertly manipulate my person for the profit of the russian state and russian oligarchy. Therefore, at the first chance they made a deal with the mexican traitors. The mexican traitors accepted the deal because, as all the animal elites from humankind, they rely on copying the practices of the people with brain, and then eliminating them, also the traitors accepted because they did not know what to do with the mexican bands of monkeys. This last part I never fully realized until all the process already started. In the same regard, I had not a full understanding of the level of biological underdevelopment from the russians, as such, they fully a parasitic civilization, with an institutional and deeply rooted (in their culture, psyche) practice of copying from all the advanced civilizations and persons, and then eliminating them. Savage world, savage people, little more than a jungle of concrete, but in all fairness, Mexico may get better described simply as hell on Earth. Alexander Pushkin became famous because he died after teaching something, such the world of the russians: better for them if the teacher dies.

The russian nature

The russian survival strategy resumes in:

  1. Focus on copying or stealing everybody else's technological advancements and tools. For this task they developed a sophisticated secret service, not for defense purposes as could appear. By stealing technology and knowledge, they further reduce their expenses in keeping any type of civilizational infrastructure, therefore all the foundations of the modern world do not exist in Russia.
  2. Hoarding natural resources -land included- to use them during «hot» wars. For this task they usually make deals advantageous for them with individuals or groups in weak positions or in need of urgent help. Examples include myself and the Syrian state under attack of medieval islamists. In my case they obtained two oilfields in Mexico, in Syria they obtained some oil but more importantly, a scarce mineral. Both in Syria and Mexico the russians actively assisted the antidemocratic and authoritarian forces of those regions.
  3. Stealing, harassing, and annoying their neighbors, and even countries relatively far away, so the latter may start the «hot» wars and the russians can present themselves as «victims».
  4. Enslaving their own people and keeping them ready to die for almost nothing. This phenomenon not so straight to explain: The ants constitute an anti-institutional insert inside the russian state -the usual organized traitors among the institutional ranks-, and the ants themselves usually fight for the hive obtaining almost nothing or nothing at all, so the same ant structure enforces the oppression over the normal people. Thus, they keep most or large parts of the population -ants included- in a state bordering open hunger, severely restricted in their physical movements, as better isolated as they can from the real events in their own country, and with constant propaganda about the need to «defend the motherland». Therefore when the «hot» wars come, the russians use large swathes of people in poverty and ignorance, ready to die for nothing in mass.

The fact that the ant-insert (intrusion) inside the institutional ranks of the state exists, hinders the possibility of any advancement of such organization and predisposes, limits, and shapes the institutional organizational capabilities into the primitive framework of the ants themselves. Therefore, there lays one foundation of the failure of the national states to advance forward.

The current nation-states and large (with thousands of members) capitalistic organizations managed to obtain a definitely organizational advantage -even if the commanders of such large capitalistic organizations usually have no clue or don't care about the consequences of their actions beyond the accumulation of assets and profits-, by expressing instructions through their command chain in a linguistic mainly written way, and by building through this way explicit, evolving, and refined formulations of their goals, actions, and plans. This contrasts with the practice of the ants and similar structures that attempt an «uniform» type of organization, where the members attempt to emulate the behavior of the «supreme» commander. This latter reaches levels astonishing in current Russia (and many other places), where some of the copycats attempt directly to reproduce the body movements and personal style of the target. Also gets reflected in the usual practice in the current nation-states to place a picture of the «supreme» commander in the office of each manager, regardless of the level, where beyond expressing a supposed «loyalty» to the formation or an admiration to the individual, the practice attempts to convey the message that the manager will behave as the «supreme» commander would. The ant organization may resemble a herd for an outsider because of the ant efforts to appear as «one», and because of their fanaticism in following and copying from the «supreme» commander (or others they deem suitable), but the ants definitely perform specialized functions.

Therefore, the current world in an unstable situation, where the primitive ant formations stand entrenched in the main societal organizations and, at the same time the modern corporations (those that resist the ant push to degrade them into «follow-the-supreme-commander» style) stand controlled by a higher-animal class and a strain of mentally disabled technicals (the type that get university degrees in «capitalist economy») as executive managers. Never observed this sharper than in the Russia of the begging of the XXI century, and in general in the world of this time.

Russia constitutes an animal kingdom without any attenuation, their elite constituted by animal «artists» that hire the aforementioned disabled technicals as managers, the state and society infested by ants, the «supreme» commander with a capacity of command more apparent than real. The main difference perhaps, consists in the overt attempt of some ants to return to a traditional kingdom.

As stated before in my personal diary (that one also stolen by the russians): the technicals built the institutional structures -codified in abstract language- of the modern nation-states, they did it with the ants among them, in an attempt to control and provide a framework for the behavior of the latter and obtain a functional world to live in; and the ants learned to attempt to appear «institutional» while covertly always ready to betray the organization, their colleagues, and everything beyond their hive, even if they do not fully understand what or who constitutes the hive or the hive largely imaginary or ceased to exist during the course of action. Yet in an amazing feat of life, the strain of technicals that built the institutional arrangement for the nation-states consists of people of the type of those individuals that currently go to university to become «lawyers»; and those individuals, still with a strong tendency to behave as dominant animals, do not understand anything about the real world simply because they lack such capacity.

This organizationally semi-dysfunctional arrangement reached the XXI century. By all accounts, both the nation-states and the corporations dysfunctional for the continued life on Earth.

So the deal between the mexican oligarchs and the russians resulted almost natural. Yet to make things worse, the russian ants, the institutional secret services and associated organs of the russian state, so far -at the time of this record- actively help and make contact with the mexican bands of monkeys, the russians attempt to train the mexican monkeys so the latter reproduce the russian parasitic way of life. The overall result that the worst parts of the mexican shithole now even worse than before, while my own survival got jeopardized by the russians.

These should have constituted years of prosperity in my life, yet I left one conflict just to find another worse, the ones that thought as allies resulted much worse than my enemies. The mistake will not repeat.

Common ant traits

The following remarks relevant:

  1. The russian ants scaled in social classes. Visible at least 3 levels: Elite, mid-lower (have old cars, low wages), and the lowest bordering hunger. The mid-lower results relatively rare, and the ones bordering hunger tend to eat once every 2 days approx. and even those meals not big. Here result important the consumption of tea and other substances with micro nutrients and water, to avoid starvation. For the lower classes, results visible the malnourishment in the composition of their skin tissue, yet great efforts they make to appear beautiful, and they prioritize the purchase of clothing to «belong» to the hive, before the purchase of food.
  2. The artistic animals got ingrained an obsession with the «colors» of the light spectrum, seems to stand hard-wired in their brains. Thus, the «color» «defines» the type of person, or marks the belonging to a group. Therefore, the obsession with the colors of the national flags, and the colors used in the clothing. As other animals, the ants regard the «colors» as elements of reality, and attach to them a set of metaphysical properties, which then they ascribe to the object that emits the radiation.
    The main practice of the harassing campaign in St. Petersburg consisted in swarms of russian ants wearing the colors in the mexican flag, in several tones. Alternatively, the colors got distributed among personal items (e.g., may the bag of one person one color, and the t-shirt on the other color). The «colors» always coordinated in their «contrast» or composition of «black-white», thus clearly distinguishable from the rest of the clothing and personal items.
  3. The russian elite, and the world elite, launched a world-wide campaign to encourage the usage of the aforementioned colors, the campaign enacted through every sort of image and video editing in advertisements (in television, internet, city walls, every public place), movies, newspapers, and every propagandistic outlet they found. Thus the «sheep» used the colors, in many cases unconsciously two or more individuals coordinated their dressing, in other cases the coordination happened deliberately to «follow the trend». This allowed the russian ants to mix among the sheep to make more complex their identification. By «sheep», I refer to those individuals in society which merely follow behavioral trends observed in propaganda and/or in their social environment, with the goal to «belong» or appear «up-to-date» or fulfill any other desire to display adequacy and competence, arising from a lack of sound reasoning.
  4. At least once I observed a new technology to change the «color» of a jacket on the street. The «color» of the fabric resulted presumably electrostatic-dependent, thus when charged «up», displayed a sharp green, and when charged «off», displayed a color resembling gray. The operator of the jacket used it as an attempt of denial of his activity.
  5. As in Mexico, in Russia (and very much everywhere) the animal elites employ covertly in a permanent basis:
  6. The russian ants use a closed communication channel, apparently a radio. There must exist a time in the day where most of them listen to it. But at the same time, exists a heavy emphasis in the body-language, thus they display an obsession with «dancing» in life, and their primary copying mechanism consists in emulating the physical movements of the target, the body-language also used widespread to communicate in simple settings. Remarkable that they operate in an audio-visual (dynamically visual) environment.
  7. Also, there seems to exist a «directing council» or executive group, where the choices about where to direct the rest get made, those must talk to each other in a separate channel or environment. This results transcendental, because the ants constitute an organization by themselves; even when they actively search for a «supreme» commander, they make their own choices. In the animal «kingdom» they attempt to create, those who make the choices for everybody constitute the members of the «nobility».

    Therefore, in this context, and as will get described latter in this record, the ants constitute the parasites of their own commander. The latter wields only a loose and slippery capacity to emit executive communications.

    Usually the ants get as «supreme» commander a psychopath or a crook, or a traitor or a thief, this results only natural due to the characteristics of the ants themselves (This fact already pointed in 2006: «The Authoritarians»). The outcome of the direction of the twisted commander depends heavily on the particular characteristics of that person, so in some cases may result in genocide (internal or external to the society), in other cases may result in the mass stealing of the state assets, in other cases may result in endless wars, and so on. «Best case scenario» usually results in the «supreme» commander acquiring as much wealth and assets as possible; usually the «supreme» commanders attempt a lavish lifestyle.
  8. The approach to consider that the unifying trait of the ants consists in their stupidity results incorrect. Actually, the unifying trait of the ants consists in their psychopathic characteristics or psychopathic personality. Thus, the ants themselves consist in a collection of small weak psychopaths that attempt to create a formation to overcome their own individual weakness. Nevertheless, the ants display their own version of psychopathy, in their version of the pathology they kept the capacity to fear, and developed an impulse to hide and conceal. Interestingly enough, they think they have feelings, later in this document will get described that further. So, in general, the average ant consists of a simple psychopath without any outstanding skill. In any case the pathology runs by bloodline.

    The fact that the ant pathology runs by bloodline results completely destructive for the «supreme» commander, so «royal» families attempted to keep clean their bloodline by marriage between their same families, usually yielding as result the immediate degeneration of their phenotype due to the accumulation of their own diseases. Once the «royal» blood gets infected by hybridization with an ant, the decay results inevitable.

    Furthermore, the ants expect as a commander a «strong» individual, but if the individual results strong enough to survive by himself/herself then the person does not need to rely on the ant structure for his/her own welfare. Therefore, the ants make a disproportionate effort to capture and manipulate their own «supreme» commander, so the person will show them the path to survival. Once captured, the life of the commander results compromised, where he/she can hardly leave the post without personal consequences, if not properly arranged a «successor» that will cover the treason left behind. In certain cases, when the commander fails to perform the assigned duty or gets overthrown, the resulting dynamic yields as result the termination of the life of such commander, despite the fact that he/she may no longer occupy the post.
  9. Now, there still the issue about their religious leaning, to christianity in the «western» world and to «islam» in the medieval kingdoms in and around the arabic peninsula. It appears that several factors build an intertwined dynamic here:
    1. The psychopathic ants exercise a large capacity of fear (that the main trait that distinguishes them from the lone-psychopaths, that what pushes them to pack for the killing), and they look willingly for a «supreme» commander, thus having a supposedly world-supreme entity «on their side» and following or pretending to follow the supposed commands of that entity, results a perfect fit for such codependent personalities. It a matter of convenience.
    2. A number of the ants in fact consider that the world-supreme entity exists and attempt to enact the supposed «commands», those constitute true believers and share more traits with the usual «sheep» than with the upper layers of the hive. The most psychopathic ants and the «supreme» commander of the hive usually aware of this fact, therefore always childish covers get built around the psychopathic goals. This functions because among the ants the brain's «executive functions» stand developed unequally. Examples include strings of the style: «all he needs is love», «we fight for good». Nevertheless, as others described before -Hare, for example- at the end of the day, even the true believers discover or realize the falsehood they live at, but their need to believe and belong overrides any capacity of reasoning, thus usually they choose to just look to another side when the destruction of other humans gets enacted by the hive.
  10. In general, stand true the remarks from Darwin in the case of the russian ants: «survives not the strongest or smartest, but the most capable of adapting to change». The real strength of the russians, as weird or unexpected as it may sound, consists in their capacity for adaptation. They obviously not the strongest, not the smartest (by a very big trench), but they make a consistent and continuous effort to adapt themselves to the vibes of the hive. Thus, the social environment of the hive results role-based, where every ant -pretty much as bees do also- should fulfill a stereotyped role. But the ant roles not static, they change frequently or almost continuously with the vibe of the hive. The ants may have very little to eat themselves -remember, that literally, eat every 2 days a small meal, survive with tea in the lower layers- but they make a tremendous effort to adapt to the stereotyped role they may get assigned or they may choose.


    Changes can get required overnight and ants make a tremendous effort to buzz and move as required. So, by the numbers, the hive may acquire any shape required. How exactly the ants acquire roles, I still do not figure out, although results clear that the ants first model a fantastic or magical world, then the roles from the fantastic world get translated into reality (see the fantastic world the russian tsars attempted to create, for example, also see the architectural propaganda in current North Korea). Video content distributed massively (by television, internet, etc.) and before the electronic era written tales, play a role in shaping the stereotypes as always, but in the case of the ants something else seems involved when building the magical representation. Perhaps the difference here, that the ants see more «magic» than the average human.

Chronological account of the facts:

These notes written first and foremost for myself, nevertheless for everybody else some parts of this section may serve as background to understand the rest. I usually write the word «Mexico» using quotation marks because I do not consider it an actual country, but more like a territory. The dates approximate for the months referred.

Year 2014

The first attempt to make a functional living in the Yucatan peninsula. The sunlight already includes high levels of ultraviolet light, yet in some «vacation selling» job had to attend customers in the open air, mainly in the shadow for some 3 months, and it resulted enough to damage to my eyes. People do not even understand about radiation length, they just acknowledge themselves getting blind.

Anyway, since I graduated from university in 2008 in «Mexico», found always a hostile labor market and a country unsuitable to start any honest business in my range of interests, hence «Mexico» always resulted a country unsuitable for making a living (except one in poverty and mediocrity which I'm not interested at), further, moving to the Yucatan peninsula constituted the very last attempt to find a place where forward-thinking and forward-going people existed. There's a popular saying in «Mexico» that states: «In Mexico, the one that does not engage in dishonest practices, does not move forward» (spanish: «En Mexico el que no transa no avanza»), everybody knows that usually the saying results true. I do not engage in dishonest practices, and this incompatibility with the «mexican way of life» results one of many causes why I do not fit in «Mexico», why I'm not «mexican» anymore.

Year 2015

After it became clear, according to my point of view of that time, that I personally needed desperate help -interestingly enough, such «help» in fact never arrived- to get out of poverty and avoid a certain extinction, and became totally clear the speeding up of the degradation of «Mexico», I rented a «virtual private server» located in Russia and used an encrypted connection («virtual private network» plus «secure shell») to transit all my internet data through the aforementioned server. Also started watching «Russia Today, RT» since those attempted to «present the russian point of view» and also they at least publicly spoke about several «secrets» in the media controlled by the USA.

Russia got selected because consisted in the main enemy of the USA. And while the propaganda from the USA usually described them basically as «the worse in the planet», the propagandists themselves counted with a long record of destruction of other humans and other civilizations. So, since Russia constituted the main enemy of my enemy -those that exterminated half of my ancestors, and made sure the country where I was born continued as a shithole, and behaved usually as assholes, the most toxic people I ever met so far, until meeting the russians- I estimated suitable to know the russians. In retrospective, this only could happen, because in times of desperation I failed to observe the whole world, also an error that will no repeat.

Also, Russia obtained the small advantage that at least they appeared to actively -for the prevention of islamists going to their own territory, the official explanation said- attempt to thwart the appearance of a medieval islamic state in the Middle East, while the USA and allies covertly supported such aberration. As noted before, in fact this activity went with the main purpose of obtaining a scarce mineral, oil, and -noted here-, some military platform in the region, supporting the syrian dictator and attacking any possibility of democracy there. Eliminating the islamists resulted an extra profit for them.

Year 2015 still, 2016 beginning

Check my personal timeline for details about this stage. Went to Cancun for second time in a desperate attempt to build a functional way of life in «Mexico». During 2015 attempted to obtain money selling vacational memberships again -without success, largely because that business already dying and because the managers would steal any profits to survive themselves-, in January 2016 started working as a salesman in an extremely low-paid job -but in an economy of slaves that pay resulted relatively high!!.

When I arrived to Cancun for the second time, rented a small «apartment» in a second floor, at one of the most shitty regions (80% of the city), my «apartment» received the sunlight all day on the roof, no air conditioning, no furniture, the water dirty with a super-high calcium content, the air full of dust -if left a window open for a week, a layer of soily dirt 1 or 2 mm thick would form in that room-, the street full of cockroaches that went out of the sewage which used to stink strong (sprayed venom in the sewage, the cockroaches went out and ran in straight line to several neighbors' doors, nobody cared about them). The people living there unable to understand the level of poverty and the horrible lives they had (still have). In general, nobody had a clue about how to eat properly. Some neighbors engaged in some illegal activity used to make the comparison that they, almost illiterate and with an illegal source of income, had a «better» life than me (as they saw life, in their cosmovision), and their point resulted in fact correct.

Rented that apartment immediately after arriving to Cancun because I had no more money to keep looking for. All the time I lived there slept on the floor, usually over a piece of cardboard, because that way could feel the floor at least a little «fresh» or «cold», and I never stood in a position to afford a bed and air conditioning. Otherwise sleeping would have resulted impossible. The main disadvantage of sleeping in the floor resulted the cloud of dust close to it. No proper kitchen but managed to get some gas-powered cooking burner, and the second year bought a fridge, so at least the second year could store food for some time.

The money paid at least resulted enough to eat until the end of the month and get one or two beers every two weeks -or some light entertainment for a similar price-, but several times had not enough money to eat the last three days of the month. Therefore, needed to observe carefully where I would spend it. Nevertheless, the job included a vehicle and an unlimited amount of fuel for it, thus I resulted able to see the region, the Yucatan peninsula, and acknowledge the level of the disaster. My way of life of the time resulted a level above than the almost full-unemployment of selling vacational memberships.

No chance to get a better job in a slave-economy. The slaves themselves understood nothing, most of them rarely or never went to the ocean -even if the place regarded as a «vacational place, paradise»-, had no idea of the past, present nor future, no idea about anything. The few people that resembled a «middle class», while looked horrified to the slaves, also understood little and notably, lacked the capacity to understand the overall situation. Most of the businesses in the place controlled by foreign corporations, with a few local mini-oligarchs in charge of keeping the place running. Notably, the mini-oligarchs constituted blunt animals. Some mini «engineering firms» (10 – 20 people) attempted to do something, with survival success, low or none technological input, and basically wasting their time.

Got two temporary «girlfriends» to play with -not at the same time, not concurrently-, both belonging to the slave race, no chance to do anything with them. In retrospective, they a total waste of time. Also got a russian fake friend, who pretended to work locally, initially she taught me some russian (I paid her for it), and we went to several places together, yet covertly at some point she started working for the enemy. Apparently the russian always worked as undercover agent for the russian state, and just when the russian state allied with the mexican oligarchs, she started playing an active role, her main goal consisted in making me waste time in the «friendship».

In any case, the second attempt in Cancun sealed my personal destiny. No need existed for it, all preventable had the proper actions taken years before. To Cancun arrived when the disaster of capitalism started yielding hard consequences. Even then, when the hard irreversible consequences resulted in a sheer large scale, almost omnipresent, the local population of all social levels resulted incapable of observing it. Outcome expectable, since the local proto-state managed by traitors, the population in almost total misery, and the few members of the middle and upper classes consisted in a type of idiotic animals. To leave it clear: in Mexico the traitors at a level that requires immediate execution, yet the amount such that in my personal estimates, would reach about 1 million, that the size of the problem. Add some other few millions of criminals that require a concentration camp, and some 60-70 millions that must get declared mentally disabled and managed. More than half the inhabitants. Absolutely not viable population. To make it worse, the other half will not lift a weapon even in self-defense, 500 years later they still don't manage to organize a decent campaign to wipe the spaniards, and any spaniard culture.

Results time to stop attempting to explain what people cannot understand, what already in front of their own eyes.

Year 2016 completion

At some point the russian secret service hacked the laptop I most often used, I also used to regularly watch a television program called «Keiser Show» in the extra-official russian state news channel «Russia Today, RT». The show conducted by Max Keiser and his wife Stacy, two british who worked as propagandists for a counter-offensive to the US-controlled monetary system, which they knew constituted a massive fraud. Also, these individuals displayed an ability to grasp some socioeconomic trends and semi-covert official and extra-official policies all around the world, which showed the consistent goal to make whole populations descend into poverty and ignorance. The purpose of this latter scheme not confirmed by me, as several options result feasible, and because even the high-class animals that rule the world probably never even brought the formulation of their plans beyond their unconsciousness.

Nevertheless, the greatest feat of Max and Stacy Keiser consisted in delineating that scheme. Then, in several custom-made episodes, using some indirect language and some hints, Max and Stacy conveyed the message that my personal diary resulted known for their group, most likely using a russian-made software (from a company named «Yandex») which I installed in my computer. If the episodes custom-made only available to my personal computer or available to the public, I never checked. Later when things blew all up Max and Stacy changed the storage of their videos into a US-controlled internet platform (name «Youtube»).

Anyway, after I understood the hacking I deleted my diary from the machine connected to the internet. The russian counter-offensive to the US-controlled fraudulent monetary system got enacted because the USA constantly threatened to disconnect Russia from the payments system, and even did it for short periods of time, this a as a way to force the russians to obey commands from the US-based elite. The counter-offensive never got enacted as a way to build a more advanced world, nor to promote «justice» nor «fairness» nor to solve any of the really outstanding problems of the sinking human world, instead the counter-offensive got enacted purely for the search of profit, as the russian elite itself would happily replace the US-based elite as thief-in-chief.

The deletion of my diary signaled the russians that I understood the message. I moved the document to a secondary old computer which I never connected to the internet again. Yet as I soon understood, russian special agents already entered into my «apartment» and physically hacked the old machine. A long way from Russia, and a very professional activity which resulted undetected by every other secret agency, and even for my neighbors.

So Max and Stacy started encouraging the idea of a «revolution». Yet the idea of the «revolution» got taken from my phone calls with my family, where I actively discussed the matter, also discussed the dire state of my personal circumstances and the world I saw. In general, the records of those calls can better convey an idea of the state of personal despair at the time (thus would result useful to grab them eventually). Apparently the US services at least captured the content of the phone calls and told to their mexican dogs. Apparently also, the russians, through the voice of Max and Stacy, never defined a clear goal for their mission (their mission, not mine, they themselves seemingly lacked a coherent institutional strategy), more kind of pushed forward some vague proposal to see what would happen.

So I listened to Max and Stacy Herbert, they attempted to convey a representation of the world as they saw it, and also attempted to sell the idea of something called «digital money» or «cryptocurrency» using a decentralized ledger distributed among «independently operated» nodes on the internet. The «digital money» proposed would serve to overcome or circumvent the US-controlled payments system. While I understood the fundamental mistake (flaw) of the «digital money», listening to them provided a different point of view. Their idea consisted in the «cryptocurrency revolution».

Then, in a very peculiar dynamic, when I started writing, Max and Stacy in the next episode of their show attempted to «suggest» or «guide» something similar to what I already had written in the hacked computer, and made some comments on the concepts they liked the most (the most interesting scramble to jump in consisted in something like «what we can learn from the experience of a century ago?» after I used a century-old historic experience to build a concept). Guess they did it in order to report «success» into the upper command chain. In any case, they quickly understood the reach of the conclusions I made.

As soon as I finished and the complete consequences became apparent, they started doubting. My best hypothesis that they stopped receiving coherent orders at that time. They almost attempted to backtrack.

Why the panic? I even called for a peaceful way to fix stuff. The problem here, that they understood the Homo sapiens' fracture at the very end. Furthermore, in their upper command chain several animals held posts, the most visible of them the «female» (but with the appearance of a frog) director of «Russia Today, RT». Many animals know their own nature, and feel attacked when someone points about that fact. Furthermore, many animals actively promote and protect only animals around them, because they feel they could get displaced by technicals. Almost immediately afterwards, «Russia Today, RT» started to attack and berate a US-based businessman which I indirectly mentioned. Out of nothing, just because that individual may wield a conscience, even when that man had nothing to do. (So yes, «Russia Today, RT» started it.)

I spent some of my spare time in the following months attempting to explain something (anything) to any mexican. Everything failed, I just confirmed what I already knew about the mexican incompetence. Meanwhile, the russians crafted their alliance with the aforementioned mexican oligarch and the mexican police started tracking me closely (i.e. useless agents sent to the place where I ate, all phone calls closely monitored, etc.). The mexican police has no strength nor desire to capture the millions of criminals (and they result very easy to find), but I got my own tracking team. This STASI-like tactics typical of traitors.

All for nothing, mexicans in general stood as idiotic and corrupt as always. Exceptions among mexicans may exist of course, but statistically irrelevant, and those individuals abandon or already abandoned the country as fast as possible, because results the obvious thing to do, in general results safe to say that there's no one left there, I found none. Some mexican forwarded my proposal to the oligarch, not the russians.

Year 2017

All the year 2017 kept the same spare attempts to explain something to anyone, with the same results. At some point in the paid job opened the chance to move to another region of the country, I took it (the job post opened because the previous person found too small and insufficient the income). Also became blatantly obvious that my employers knew perfectly that my salary resulted insufficient for an appropriate way of living, a few complaints on my side resulted enough to get fired, near the end of the year.

Year 2018

At some point I made the following evaluation:

  1. Mesoamerica got invaded by an inferior race/culture coming from the Indo-European continent, these people constitute the garbage of their world. The invaders prevailed just because of the smallpox, and because the mesoamerican and northamerican indians -my ancestors- lacked contact with the rest of the world, and my ancestors still lived in the Stone Age. Yet, 500 years later, there's absolutely no excuse for not eliminating the invaders. This results extremely relevant due to the fact that most spaniards living in Mexico never really assimilated, most of them still feel «spaniards», and devote their loyalty to Spain (centuries later!!). In Mexico the core of the traitors lean to the exterior, usually to Spain, then to the USA, then back to Spain. Only retards would not lift a weapon and eliminate them, and only retards don't see that a large part of the under-development of the place results due to the incorporation of a garbage culture. The point simple: I will not live among people incapable eliminating their enemies.
  2. The world stands in a deep crisis, the decadence of capitalism yields now extremely transcendent consequences.
  3. My social class got targeted for elimination by the traitors, who desired no opposition for their own stealing activities. This widely known among the bands of monkeys. (Note for the end of 2018: this targeting got exacerbated by the arrival of a new group of traitors to the top of the remains of the state, this time the traitors led directly by a descendant from spaniards who resolved to make deeper the colonization scheme).
  4. I was unable to build a living in such failed civilization, my own survival got jeopardized, and should have not wasted time and personal resources attempting to fix it without securing first my own welfare. Losing that focus constitutes an act of extreme personal irresponsibility and must never get repeated.
  5. My grandparents fought against the pathetic state of Mexico, my parents kept the fight, I did my share. It's enough. It's three generations at least and mexicans learned nothing. May the mexican hell become deeper, then the traitors will pay the consequences of their actions. My lineage already did its fair share to fix it, didn't work, it's time to move on.

It's time to go away and never look back. It's time to migrate and incorporate to another culture and another people. This resolution probably the most carefully thought ever in my personal trajectory. That landmark will stand forever. There's no way back.

After explaining this publicly, widely available, anyone who attempts to revert this automatically becomes my enemy. Anyway, in a world of respectful people this explanation would never result required, but may serve as dissuasion to any other people with such antisocial behavior as the russians displayed.

I published a public repeal of the mexican citizenship before leaving to make it clear that no foreigners ever wielded any influence on that choice.

In this situation, considered the russians as the most reasonable way to leave the country -a mistake, now results clear-, because anyway, they already had obtained some profit from their adventure, and now no one would dare to disconnect them from the international payments system. So I requested a scholarship for a master’s degree to the Russian government, which they granted. Lesson learned: Totally true that russians (in general, as organized group) understand only force. Expecting something else (more) resulted a great mistake, as the year 2019 proved.

The russian newspapers, cinema, and musical industry already made some propaganda favorable to the mexican oligarchic regime, but I dismissed it since they had new «friends» to keep happy, also because that propaganda gets circumvented by just turning off the television, radio, or internet.

I arrived to Russia in September 2018.

Year 2018 still

Arrived to the russian city St. Petersburg, wearing some blue tennis shoes, with an horrible color, almost impossible to balance visually. Before traveling from the third world searched all the city and only those shoes with the horrible color fitted my foot size. (Ants and normal people: Imagine living in a place with such disgusting taste for clothing, where that horrible blue constitutes the sole option.) Basically all the russians noticed the horrible color. Nevertheless, nobody told anything, nobody said anything, only women from the ant hive coordinated to give some disapproving looks to them. But other than that, nothing. It a relatively simple problem, but made the point, that with the most glaringly anomaly visible for everyone, everybody keeps silent during personal interactions. Anyway, probably I just never entered into the personal circle of anyone.

The first alarm in Russia, which showed that something went in a really undesirable way, consisted in a «scene» or «stunt» performed by a mexican agent in the St. Petersburg's main avenue, some friday night. In a following week, some unidentified individual attempted to question me in a bar about my personal positions.

Soon became clear that a combined mexican and spaniard team collaborated closely with the russians in St. Petersburg. Resulted very pathetic to see mexicans side by side with spaniards, a total lack of self-respect from the mexicans, a display of submission and imbecility. Hardly those people can call themselves «patriots», instead, those can get called traitors with full certainty. But in any case Mexico not my country anymore, nevertheless the case resulted a stark reminder of the causes that made me resolve to walk away in the first place.

The combined team of mexicans and spaniards continued for at least one year, and by the time of this record, most likely that aberration continues.

Year 2019

The second alarming event in Russia resulted the closely tracking of the musical videos I watched in internet. Personally, I don't care about the musical preferences of people I don't know, but in Russia this resulted all the contrary. The ant hive, the paid trolls, and a bunch of retarded «security analysts», started tracking the musical videos I watched as if those resulted a serious issue. Then apparently, one of the main goals of the following harassing campaign consisted in «influencing» or «determining» the musical videos I watched. That can get called crude authoritarianism: when a bunch of people wants to influence what a person does during his/her private or personal time.

The tracking of the musical videos, also provided a glaring display of how much many people still struggles to separate fantasy from reality. Magical thinking determines the lives of many people still, so resulted natural for them to «seek the magic» in order to understand reality. Although I watched musical videos with a purpose, the ants, the paid trolls, and the «security analysts» regarded them as a «large source of information». In the XXI century still results indispensable to mark where finishes fantasy and starts reality, but even after telling, for many individuals this distinction results simply impossible, these events just confirmed it again.

So, in this year, basically during all year, got chased by the ants from the St. Petersburg hive. The main action consisted in the usage of the colors of the mexican flag (red, green, and add white or black). Basic traits of the harassing campaign, three layers clear:

  1. A group of paid people, presumably from the «Troll Factory» of St. Petersburg or other similar organization, got employed to follow me on the street. They created scenes where I would walk, and chased me over the metro, sidewalks, and the like. More importantly, they entered into the cafeteria of the university where I currently attend courses, this could happen only because they received support from the university administration. These individuals used to wear t-shirts with messages like «obey», «later you will repent», and similar.
  2. Ordinary members of the ant hive. These used also the aforementioned colors, and t-shirts according more to their personal or factional interests. As noted before, this presumably unpaid.
  3. Sheep: those people that just watched in mass-media that wearing green and red constituted the «trend». In my estimates these individuals a small minority.

The accuracy of the following simple: they know when I walk outside the building where I sleep. So they can wait for me on the street or on the next corner. A team got headquartered in some building nearby.

All my phone calls and my emails got scrutinized, then they adapt the messages on the t-shirts overnight. It a sort of t-shirt-based messaging system. Also quite popular to wear the written messages using anything over the head, or stitched as patches over the clothes.

The ants can fake several «emotions» as a matter of business -psychopaths-, all together as a hive, or at least some factions. As psychopaths they fail to truly understand the nature of such phenomena, thus even the fake enactment results defective.

The russians in St. Petersburg have several radio stations that broadcast signals to the ants. The propaganda broadcasted includes ideas like «genocide», «suicide», the depiction of the consumption of cocaine as romantic, «we are the people, we rule the world». In general, the dynamics of the propaganda resemble what I would expect to hear in Rwanda in the 1990s, during genocidal times. Much of the propaganda's tempo, together with the content, formed a type of neurotic instigation. Here the difference that all the messages go indirectly, took me about a year to learn to listen to them. For this purpose the radio stations frequently employed a group of singers and musicians, which took popular songs from all sources and cultures, and re-recorded a tweaked version of them, with the content desired added. At other times also used musical compositions with supposedly «random» or «casual» content. Sometimes seemed to exist a signal to mark the message carrier, so the ants raise their attention, in the case of the music, the signal consisted in an extremely sweet voice singing (the voice that says «genocide» for example).

Results clear also that small ant groups can make pressure over other ants for the latter to follow a command, and they comply while keeping the formation. This a form of bullying among bullies.

All this year I observed the large biodiversity among the members of the hive, name a phenotype and they may have it among their ranks. You want a fat person? or short? Blonde or black haired? A granny or a kid? a teenager? Expect anyone or anything. These ants do show an «average» phenotype, but the dispersion of it results quite wide, does not match the stereotype of «russian» (outside of Russia) and the diversity so big that making a single profile would result a mistake. Nevertheless, the higher layers of the ants result much more homogeneous in their physical constitution.

Quantifying the ants in St. Petersburg results somehow complicated. But when all active their number may reach some 30% of the total population, at least, perhaps up to 40%. The ants call themselves the «full city crew», their aim to become the full city indeed. I got surrounded by some 50 or 60 at some times while walking on the street, nevertheless those days during the peak of their activity only. Quite amusing to observe 50 or 60 folks pretending to act «normal», since they operate «secretly» (at least the first days results amusing). Usual practice: small teams of 2 or 3. Teams of 5 to 7 result relatively scarce. Lonely ants also go around of course. Important to remember that most of them may become active only when «contacted» for some «cause», therefore the ants may infiltrate any institution during years and become operational only when needed.

Of course the ants control the local metropolitan police too, or at least have a resolute influence. And, with such percentage of the population as ants, safe to say that practically all public institutions result corrupted, including layers of the security services.

I did not ask the ants how they got convinced about the «cause» of dressing in red-green and black/white (and anyway, likely most of them had no real idea), but definitely the local russian musical industry produced some indoctrinating videos, also the TV helped a lot (the TV even produced a «mexican» soap opera), and as aforementioned, the radio played an active role. The advertising industry depicting the colors as the «trend» served as a reinforcement, but does not transfer the abstract message about the «cause». So, why the local oligarchy would like to see the ants in an impossible mission? If exists a feud between the ants and the oligarchs, if they enemies, that not my business. In any case the ants failed to see the trap.

In the second semester of 2019 also surfaced a clear spaniard control over a small group of russian ants. How some spaniards gained a foothold in St. Petersburg goes beyond my current knowledge, but shows how weak the russians became in the last decades. So those spaniards have their russian pets to do whatever they want with them (I already saw quite a variety of acts, so far). Sounds like a joke, somehow the rest of the St. Petersburg ants live with it, and the spaniards currently run their own campaign to gain adepts among the ants.

Also, the ants made a large effort to test if I would become homosexual, and they expected an explanation about sexuality. Why they needed such basic information shows how lost they live. Even after I displayed some «male activities», the ants got a hard time understanding.

Year 2020

Started talking with a few normal people about the ants, almost all seem extremely frightened just to hear about it. In general, nobody wants to talk about it. I guess that what people mean when say «authoritarian repressive regime». By some reason these persons do not leave the country, nor they actively fight the ants, even when they notice their lives (or the lives of their children) may result at risk, probably because they do not adequately understand the problem. In any case, such approach to the problem resulted extremely dysfunctional for them. Perhaps just happens that Russia still lags behind in the normal development of events.

Note added on 2020.07.16

The estimation of 30% of the population as ants resulted low, now after observing more I estimate the ants constitute not less than 50% of the population. Many members of the hive just watch without getting directly involved.

Four sections get added here, while I'm still in Russia, later I may not find the time to do it, and perhaps the usefulness of commenting it would decrease. Besides, I have to move-on with my own life.

Rule or obey

This may serve as an extension of what related before, to make the matter completely clear.

In the authoritarian world, individuals get born to either rule/command or otherwise to follow, for them only exist the options «rule or follow», anything else gets regarded as an anomaly, an aberration that must get suppressed to «restore or create order». Thus, what people in a democratic culture may simply call «free individual», the authoritarians call «non-conforming», «rebel», «antisocial», or even «anarchist».

Therefore, typical authoritarian uprisings call themselves «rebels», without even noticing that they share the same nature of the crap they attempt to displace. It even becomes ridiculous when authoritarian regimes, like the current Cuban regime, create inner branches named «rebellious youth».

Then exist extreme cases, like the russian, where I arrived and got two options: become the king or follow orders (obey).

Feathered russians

After it resulted clear for the majority that the green-red campaign yielded a total failure to make me obey, and after it resulted clear also that I would not magically become the king, the next color in the rotation (was) yellow, yet only a few of the ants started to wear it.

Instead, a large majority of the ants defaulted to red. It became a red ant army, thus the red not induced by communism. They further changed a little the colors according to what they wanted to express.

This leads to a transcendental observation: for the ants the color of the clothes and personal accessories (including their cars in some cases), constitute a form of self-expression. Compare for example with my indian ancestors, which used to wear colorful feathers, for the ants the clothing and personal accessories act as their feathers.

I don't use feathers like my ancestors did (during the American stone-age, by the way), but the ants failed to grasp it. According to them, my main color results blue.

The russian alliance with the spaniards

Solved how happened the domestication of a group of ants by the spanish secret services. With the low ant tide resulted easier (and distinguishable beyond doubt) to observe certain facts.

So exist the monarchists who look for a commander, clearly because their dissatisfaction with the current russian state, the low quality of the results inside Russia justify it, and in the case of the monarchists the solution they seek consists in the appointment of a king. The monarchists tend to join a blue team in this context.

But, on other sector of the society, exists a group of very simple ants, they have some difficulties making simple reasonings, and more importantly, they result highly prone to fanaticism. Little or no ideology this prone-to-extremism group requires, with very little they may embrace fanatically any cause. Actually, they may embrace fanatically whatever they get in front of. The control group inside the russian state knew it, after 20 years ruling they already know their people.

The prone-to-extremism group got hooked with the spanish language, it got introduced to them using some music in such language. According to them, the songs in the spanish language they know sound «sweet» and since the ants «choose with the heart» or «see with the heart», they readily developed a deep fanaticism which got strengthened with the mass media campaign mentioned in the first part of these notes. So when I arrived resolved to forget the spanish language, and erasing completely such culture from my personal life, the fanatic ants saw a «call to action».

Therefore, the extremist ants joined the red-green team. The extremist ants do not care at all about the welfare of Mexico, for instance. The extremist ants only care about the defense of the spanish culture and spanish language, and they got completely manipulated.

This game served to oppose the extremist ants to the monarchist ants, thus weakening the whole societal fabric.

To further dissipate doubts about the russian state alliance with the spaniards, serve to note that the russian state lent some semi-professional agents to the spanish agents who chased me all this time in Russia. The spaniards made the best of their efforts to hide and use proxies, as always, and as always they failed. What results noteworthy of the case consists in the deliberate aid of the control group of the russian state for the perpetuation of medieval attempts of domination from a backwards and pathetic nation as Spain, in this case against my persona, with Mexico as the ultimate target.

The two pronged strategy

Assembles in the panorama the second aspect of the two pronged strategy of the russian psychopaths, namely, the control group in the russian state. It not like the «stick and carrot» or «punishment and reward» so popular in western countries. According to the russian mind-set «a cuddle compensates for a beating», thus every damage inflicted to a person can get «compensated» and returned to «neutral», through the execution of some «favorable» action towards the person.

This obviously serves as a psychological cover-up for the true believers (usually a lot of people with an intelligence below average), so they can perform and participate in the destruction of other humans, and still call themselves «good people».

These retards need to get explained that exists no way back from death, there's no way back in time, lost lives and lost years do not get recovered nor «compensated», and it requires much more energy and sophistication to build complex systems, to build life, than the energy and sophistication required to destroy them.

But the psychopaths do not care even about «compensating», they just care about maintaining the control of the true believers. And the retards cannot understand or remember these facts for long time, and will forget them as soon as their attention gets directed somewhere else.

Thus, to «compensate» for the harassing of the red-green team, the russian ants assembled a blue team the same size, presumably also encouraged by the psychopaths on the state. The sizes and intensities of the activities of each team varied depending on how much the psychopaths instructed the rest of the ants to «compensate». So there existed coordinated by the state two teams: one red-green attempting to subdue my person, and another blue focused on maintaining control of the believers while creating a distraction for me. All within the context of the alliance with the spaniards and the fabricated confrontation of extremists versus monarchists.

«Good» does not compensate for «bad», but in a world of animals that only understand force, they think it can.

All mixed with extremists and monarchists, dwell a myriad of ants that truly joined the cause for imperialistic and psychopathic purposes.

Sowing chaos then later acting as intermediary to restore the order, constitutes a typical managerial tactic from those incompetent commanders lacking institution-building (organizational) skills. If you (are) the president of a nation, basically constitutes treason to the people for your own personal profit. Only the incompetent treacherous commanders seek to weaken the people under their command.

Instead of solving the real problems, I got used as scapegoat, and the local ant society got manipulated and weakened. Nothing else could have resulted farthest from the «common welfare».

——End of Note added on 2020.07.16.——
Note added on 2020.08.01

This note gets added now that the time to leave Russia arrived.

The psychopaths in the blue team

So, remembering the main trends of the colors: extremists and people with more imperialistic urges tended to join the red-green team, while monarchists and an organized faction of psychopaths tended to join the blue team.

The psychopaths of the blue team apparently resulted spearheaded by some few individuals from a middle class, all belonging to an apparently unified ethnic group. In the animal world, ethnicity plays an important role for association. (Although, after publishing this, most likely they will fake some mixture.) Their psychopathic message more or less synthesizes as: «Check how nice we look we must be good, look our children how cute we want to see them grow, see how innocent our people is, russians are good, we stand on your side, you are an icon, you must shine for us, you can do it, feel proud that we are copying and stealing everything from you, you must be a hero, our children will learn from you, be proud». Their message results relatively well crafted, these psychopaths focused on charming and cunning.

Their psychopathic message incorporates their imperialistic culture in the sense «you must produce for us, so we stay pretty», and it fits in the fairy tale where the monarchists attempt to live. After the campaign of the colors turned into a mess, the people that spearheaded the psychopathic message in the blue team hid, nevertheless the message continued.

In typical fairy tales the true self of «good» persons gets depicted as healthy, usually harmonious, clean, and, in general, those persons get depicted as «beautiful» individuals. Meanwhile, the true self of the «bad» persons usually gets depicted as unhealthy, visually unbalanced, dirty, and, in general, those persons get depicted as «ugly» individuals. Thus, the psychopathic message of the russians includes a lot of subtle remarks where «beauty implies kindness». For example, in the russian culture, when talking about young healthy males with baby faces, results completely reasonable to state «look such good boys» (never mind that they actively militate in a fascist hive). This bias makes a lot of profits for the psychopaths, as researchers noticed a long time ago.

The drums

After the note from 2020.07.16 many individuals realized that the St. Petersburg Hive constitutes a type of halfway tribe. Also, some ants noticed or made it visible. Considering the behavior in a typical tribe of the style depicted, then some drums should exist in their environment. The drums stand in the radio station, that broadcast that I previously mentioned resembled an emission from Rwanda.

The ants called me «icon», in practical terms considered me the best «dancer» in certain aspects. In tribal dances where everyone attempts to dance in synchrony, like the ants, everybody emulates and copies the steps of the best dancer, the style, the rhythm. When the best dancer changes his/her way of dancing, everybody follows the change. Thus, this primitive behavior encourages the obsession of the ants to spy and steal everything from my persona, then they try to repeat the same actions, or enact a representation of my actions.

The enactment of the representation of my actions often turned to wearing thematic clothing also.

The ants called me «trend setter», also asked me to «dance» and to «keep dancing» (using the t-shirt messages). So, as I watched musical videos in my personal computer and the ants spied, the radio station made a deliberate effort to mimic the style. Afterwards, the radio station(s) of the ants depicted the current «mind state» of the hive. The ants have a notion of what the drums should play at the current time, but they nevertheless want to hear them (and thus the radio station can also manipulate them).

Now these days the russian elite arranged airplane flights to Tanzania, very likely they want to understand the tribes there. Seems like the russian elite thinks something like «I want a thorough research on horses, lets focus on zebras».

The usage of children

I saw children alone (less than 10 years old) used as patsies, perhaps 50 times in a single year. Many more times if count the events when adults brought them into stage. Both the special teams and the ants used children alone, with and without written messages in their clothes. I contacted the russian police to denounce the usage of children and received a ridiculous answer. The russians knew that I stood strongly against the usage of children, since they obsessively monitored and translated all my phone calls, yet they did not understand, no one in the hive can pretend hi/she did not know.

The russians do not understand the implications of involving their own children in any conflict, as if these kids resulted expendable. For the russians, there's no need for a healthy childhood for these kids, since they can better get employed in a fascist campaign performing stunts.

Also, the russians left something very clear: they train their own children since early ages to follow orders, to join causes they do not understand, to act as an extension of a fascist formation. It's deeply ingrained in the russian culture.

The usage of children continued until the end, after the peak of the ant activity passed, the children served mainly to the special teams.

The importance of avoiding accountability for their actions

More than fear, more than a desire to accumulate strength, more than their need to «belong», the ants join the fascist structure to avoid accountability for their own actions.

The avoidance of accountability stands also deeply ingrained into their psychological makeup, constitutes a cornerstone of their mind-set.

First and foremost they avoid accountability for themselves, thus they externalize the motivations of their actions: «I did it because I received orders», «I did it because everybody else was doing it», «Yes, it was a criminal behavior, but in real life I'm a good person». This avoidance of accountability stands rooted in the delegation of their will and individual volition into an external source.

In this context, «playing stupid» constitutes a tool to cover the avoidance of accountability, thus the ants call themselves «the kids with the big heart». And «playing stupid» also stands ingrained into the state's cover-up of the ant's criminal activities, thus when I denounced the usage of children in a wide harassing campaign, the St. Petersburg police answered that the people on the street resulted «children» from a nearby school, 50-year-old children.

The note from 2020.07.16 originally included the statement «The control group in the russian state wields no intentions to develop the ants, they don't want to shine for them a path for political development (ie. some democracy), no intention to lead them to a better world.» in the last paragraph, this statement would imply that the democratization of the ants depends on an external source, and allows them to keep «playing stupid», therefore it tranquilized them a lot. «It's not your fault, it's father government the one to blame for your criminal activities.»

In democratic cultures nobody needs the president's orders to arrange elections. Democracy constitutes a down-to-up process, not a top-to-down, the people establishes democracy as a form of government, the same way that authoritarian ants establish fascism as a form of government.

The russian ants further calmed when, during my all-intercepted phone calls, I equated their state of underdevelopment with the state of underdevelopment of my indian ancestors 500 years ago, said then that because of such underdevelopment they should get treated with some special consideration. This allowed them to keep «playing stupid» and completely relaxed them.

My ancestors really stood in the underdevelopment, isolated from the rest of the world, without horses nor milky cows, the precarious agriculture made by hand. But the russians always stood in middle of the indoeuropean continent, they have no excuse for their savagism. In the same regard, the mexican bands of monkeys have no excuse to behave as monkeys.

The desire of the ants to avoid accountability for their actions results quite deliberate also. Two times a sharp decrease in their harassing happened: when I first published this notes (not when they stole them), and when I sent this same notes to a foreign government. In general, results well known the practice of the russian state and the russian fascists to avoid and destroy the documentation of their criminal activities, because this leads to the accountability of their actions. My case resulted no different.

Inverted Stockholm Syndrome

Some of the ants, mostly the believers, display a cognitive dissonance which allows them to parse the following statement as functional: «He is a good person. We spy, steal, and copy everything from him, we follow each step he makes and we tell it to everyone. We don't speak to him, we do not provide anything to him, we only take and never give or if we give back we give less than what we obtained, and he won't generate any profit because we will not allow it (anyway, whatever he makes we will steal). Our feelings support him, we harass him, we are fond of this person.» This sick behavior deserves only one name: Inverted Stockholm Syndrome.

Triggering their need to Steal

There's one sharp trigger for their need to steal: the perspective of something useful to steal, even if this very small or insignificant and they do not even know what they will steal. For example, two stealing events:

  1. The trigger to steal the preliminary version of these notes arose because I went to a public coffee shop to write. I did it since my computer connected to the internet relayed everything to the ants, so the coffee shop provided an environment without known internet connections. The need to steal arose when someone took a picture of me in the shop while writing, thus after a few minutes an agent sat in a nearby table with a mobile computer to do the job.
  2. The trigger to steal some handwritten notes arose because I went to a store to buy some electric light sources. One of the employees from the store reported me, and immediately the ants arranged another stealing operation. Most likely they assumed that if I needed more light, I would write something useful.

A working definition for the Saint Petersburg Hive

After so many complications arrived to a functional definition of the Saint Petersburg Hive:

The Saint Petersburg Hive consists of a fascist structure resembling a degenerated tribal kingdom with imperial aspirations, assembled by a parasitic psychopathic subspecies.

——End of Note added on 2020.08.01.——
Note added on 2020.08.18

Left some time and distance to review the facts, before adding this final entry. I concluded that results in everyone's best interests to include the following.

A further description of some russian state practices:

The russian state will continue provoking wars, covertly or overtly. The russian fascism nowadays blossoms again in front of the rest of the world.

The authoritarian «heart»

The psychological construct of the «heart» so popularly referred by the authoritarian ants to justify their activities deserves some description. The construct of the «heart», as used by the ants, involves several aspects:

An ant hive may form alliances with other hives, as long as they regard such alliance as profitable. Thus, for example, the russian authoritarians attempt an alliance with the mexican bands of monkeys and made the alliance with the mexican oligarchs, because the russians dream with a continental war in North America, and regard the mexicans as suitable cannon fodder. In this context, the russian demand for me to behave with a «heart» results, in fact, a demand for me to yield profits for the mexican bands of monkeys, so latter the russian fascist state can manipulate them. In this context, a subset of the goals of the russians consisted in approaching the mexican bands of monkeys as «partners in domination» telling them «look, we subdued him for you, now he produces profits you can steal or use, we're your allies and friends». This largely explains the urge and willingness of the russians to ally with the mexican traitors. For me, contacting the russians resulted doomed to antagonism since the beginning: I'm not fascist, I'm nobody's puppet, and I'm not traitor.

The Planet of the Apes

Some authoritarian formations compose what popularly gets referred as «deep state» in some countries. Nevertheless, usually the term «deep state» refers to a covert organization which nominally pretends to focus on preserving a nation's welfare, even when this claim of «common welfare goals» results blatantly false, therefore not always the «deep state» may result composed only of authoritarian apes, in some instances it may include a lot of interested individuals and groups. In any case the «deep state» constitutes an enormous institutional anomaly, usually results one of the preferred avenues for traitors and certainly a big hideout for authoritarian apes. In democratic countries, «deep states» keep existing largely due to the defects of the «representative democracy», resulting in both a symptom and a dysfunctional fix. Thus, the existence of «deep states» showcases the need to improve democracy.

Now here goes the main theory:

At the time when the homo-sapiens and neanderthals coexisted, existed also a third subspecies. This subspecies, in contrast with neanderthals, could disguise as humans. This disguise worked because outside physically they looked almost the same. So they learned to hide among the human ranks, and they hanged into the human species.

See them nowadays, realize how much a vast majority of them have a form of reduced intelligence, how much they got ingrained the need to hide, to steal, to betray humans, to move in block. None of the tools of the antiquity got created by these hominids, especially at a time when humans had nothing.

Furthermore, in their animal instinct, they also have clear that they must copy all human advancements and eliminate the creators, because they fundamentally don't create, they just consume and exploit. So they aspire to control the humans, to exploit them, to milk them, without allowing the humans to develop. To any observer, results clear that the humankind would have already advanced further and faster, by far, had not existed this subspecies obsessively attempting to control knowledge, resources, and people, always hiding the truth, always hiding themselves. Because when humans develop they result sidelined and processed by civilization, when the criminals get identified accountability ensues, parasites found get discharged. The parasites don't want to get discharged, they will try to hang as long as possible.

Humans fight against what can get termed «World-wide ape league», we live on the planet of the apes. The russians resulted just the worst of these groups, so detached from humanity that bringing them into a functional, peaceful, progressive world, results plainly impossible. Due to their psychopathic nature, helping or collaborating in any way with the russians, results highly counterproductive.

It's fair to state that the world will result a safer, more prosperous place, once the russian civilization gets dismantled forever, while Russia exists peace will not. Some «conservation zones» may get created, but those would require an external management to contain the violent, destructive, and psychopathic nature of the apes. Nevertheless, results a very complex problem the management of apes that lost most of their hair, walk around using jeans, and pile tanks, missiles, nuclear bombs, and every other weapon they can. Even in their own conservation zones, the apes likely will end up destroying their own means of subsistence. The authoritarian apes constitute the «elephant in the room», the big anomaly very few people openly acknowledges. During these current challenging times, when humankind faces hard choices, dealing with them results a must.

The dog does not welcome the fleas.

——End of Note added on 2020.08.18.——
Note added on 2021.05.29

Corrected many weird semantic inconsistencies, consequently renamed the document «version 1.1». The mistakes consistently located in the part of the notes made while in St. Petersburg. Usually I tweak the language for my own purposes, by those inconsistencies by far did not belong to such practices.

Also, worth recording that the USA's foreign service noticed the sudden sickness of their diplomatic personnel working in their embassies in Russia, China, and Cuba. I also noticed some sort of debilitating phenomena inside the room where I used to sleep at the time when wrote those semantic inconsistencies, and my best guess consisted in a type of ultrasonic wave directed, some russian ant called it «stunner». Yet, the researchers from the USA point to a probable use of a directed electromagnetic wave, which already caused organic and brain damage in their personnel.

——End of Note added on 2021.05.29.——

Down the road

In general the russian ants can get treated as a very large group of criminals, stealing the preliminary version of these notes just provides a sample of their attitude towards life. Nevertheless, differences exist with, for example, the mexican bands of monkeys. In a very broad sense, the ants result a type of evolved monkeys. Both groups may share a common ancestor. Mainly, the ants behave in a much more structured and organized way. Both the ants and the bands of monkeys attempt to move forward in life through the destruction of normal hard-working people, through stealing and depredation, and through unfair, treacherous, and covert (usually illegal) advantages. Yet the bands of monkeys behave in a much more destructive way, with much more short-term goals. The bands of monkeys just seek, steal, and destroy, in comparison the ants can get seen attempting to emulate first the behavior of the target, and the destruction of the normal people by the ants gets carried on usually in a much more covert and silent way. Another difference that the mexican bands of monkeys don't have such elaborate magical representation of the world as the russian ants do, the mexican bands of monkeys result much more «dry» in this aspect, they just direct themselves to the food and that's it.

How these types of hominid formations reached so far in history, constitutes a research task for anthropologists.

Furthermore, how to push back these hominids within a social construct (within a nation-state, for example)? The remedy, not surprisingly, involves promoting organizationally modern (more advanced) forms of human collaboration. Thus, against them:

  1. Democracy. The most direct possible democracy, as long as the decision-making processes require participation, and result transparent and easily visible. It involves reducing the capacities of the «representatives of the people» and translate some (a lot) of the choice-making into direct democratic procedures. With the advent of the digital data technologies, this results completely feasible.
  2. Institutional transparency. Who does what, when, why. Requires streamlining and simplifying the institutional frameworks (laws, explicit norms), so again everything results easily visible for everyone.
  3. Though punishments for institutional traitors. No mercy. Real men and real women publicly quit when they do not embrace any more a cause. In authoritarian regimes, like the russian, typically attempts get made to brand anyone who dissents as «traitor» or as «worker of the enemy», because usually the authoritarians regard their own point of view as the only possible within a social group. On the other side, the ants and typical traitors in current times, already mastered the art of twisting the laws and institutional rules, or making customized laws and rules, as to provide cover for their stealing activities and the preferential treatment for their own factions. Therefore, effectively chasing the traitors requires also a functioning democracy, to ensure that the respective laws and rules always correspond to the general interests.
  4. Intellectual property rights protection. Everything beyond basic science, all cutting-edge technological developments must stand protected in favor of their creators. The hominids rely on copying everything, so this will hinder their advancement. Conversely, basic science and basic or foundational technologies must get disseminated everywhere and result immediately available for use.
  5. Vigorous dissemination and promotion of scientific and critical thinking. This requires full ideological individual «freedom», the protection of the right to dissent results fundamental. In the same sense the protection of public expression channels results a cornerstone, a large quantity better, wildly diverse better, beyond the control of a single group or clique. Anyone must result able to broadcast anything with full independence, and conversely, no one must result enforced or obliged to listen to someone.
  6. Pointing the facts. «Hey, look, a giant hive living among us, disguised as normal people, but taking advantage of everyone else.»
  7. Don't let the ants go away with it. (Don't let the bullies go away with it. Sounds familiar?) Make them pay, always. Remember that they only understand force, nothing more.

Most probably humans will also end up assembling a unified block against the ants. The russian ants will never halt their imperial aspirations by themselves, this highlights the danger of the expansion of the russian geographical frontiers. While typical nations tend to fight and kill their enemies mostly outwardly (on the exterior of the group), in Russia the killing gets directed inwards, review «The Red Book of the Peoples of the Russian Empire». Keep present that the methods of the hive not always violent, usually focused on stealing, depredation, and uneven advantages. For example, this contrast usually shocks some people of nations with policies of «no human left behind», when the people of those nations notice the typical «calculated loses» from the russians at war and during normal «life», here the root cause of that. The calculated «loses» or people left to die, result fundamentally not because the requirements of the operations, but because the total detachment of the russian ants from the normal people. Thus, every time the russian border expands, the humans captured in the process result under the attack of the ant hive, and soon or later at risk of termination.

Notably, more hives live in different cities, I just described one, in any case they keep close contacts.

Final remarks.

  1. Now, knowing the russian ants in their hive, let's go back to soviet times, at the heyday of the most authoritarian state of the XX century. During those times mass genocides got carried on without a cause, inner genocides within the borders of the authoritarian state. Today, in Russia every year a contingent of people whose family members died during World War II march on the streets in a nation-wide scale mourning ceremony, almost a holy day. In contrast, nobody remembers the millions of humans assassinated by the people itself. Let's remember that the victims of the genocide resulted workers and middle managers, who got hand-picked for assassination. Did their families forget about them? Clearly there exists no march for them every year, no mourning, no one to remember them. This is the Russia of the XXI century.

    So, when Stalin said «go kill the enemies of the people», guess who stood up and replied: «We are the people, who we have to kill?».

  2. Something else will stick from all this. The russian authoritarians, when confronted with the fact that they only understand force, in their rationalization answer:

    «Actions speak louder than words.»

    So be it.


Addendum: I do not hold any russian academic degree. At the time, I finished the academic tasks but never collected the paper; made no sense to receive an academic degree from a fascist country.